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Water Gardens

Water Gardens

Stone Work

Stone work, stone walls, stairs

Site Development

Site Development


New Project Photos


Building a new pond and waterfall

Dredge & enlarge an existing pond. Including a 250 Ft. large block granite wall with steps


Visit the Looking Glass Gardens website for details on holding your next outdoor event in the Southern Berkshires!


outdoor events berkshire county



Our Sevices

Landscaping and garden design for residential, corporate and commercial properties

Landscape designer on staff

Water garden design

Koi ponds, Pond installation

Tennis Courts

Stone work, stone walls, stairs
Patios and statuary

Masonry, boulder work

Specialists in installing large specimen trees and shrubs, grown at our nursery

Land clearing, Grading

Road and driveway installations

Septic installations and Title V expertise

Topsoil · sand · gravel · mulches

  • What's New

    Building a water pond in Connecticut

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