About Us


Hello. I’m Chuck Nelson, and I welcome you to our Web site. My father began the business some fifty years ago in the Hartford area, and around 1984 we moved to our current site in southwestern Massachusetts. Since then, the nursery and gardens have expanded to cover some seven acres. We remain a family business, with family members involved in answering the phones, scheduling work, and helping me stay organized.

We began our business as a landscaping company, and that continues to be our main focus and expertise. On this Web site, we explain the importance of site work, of considering the impact of water and terrain on your building plans, and how to best take advantage of the natural features at your site. We’ll install driveways, move boulders, install septics and drainage systems, do grading … anything that will affect the drainage and site conditions to avoid problems in the future.

To demonstrate the landscaping possibilities, we use the natural terrain at the nursery to showcase the stone walls, winding paths, waterfalls, and stone steps that lead visitors from one level to the next. The gardens have blossomed and matured to display lawns, walks, masonry, falling water and pools of languid koi (Japanese fish). We have a thriving nursery, with many varieties of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals.

Water gardens are our newest passion and we have added a waterfall, pool and patio graced with a reception pavilion to greet visitors. We invite you to come out to talk with us, to tour our gardens, and to enjoy the magnificent views overlooking the pond.

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